08/09/18: Brixton March

Fight for justice for ALL descendants and families of the #WindrushGeneration – Widen the Windrush Scheme – Amnesty for EVERYONE living without secure immigration status – Defend & Extend Free Movement of People inc. to Commonwealth Citizens. No New Immigration Controls – End the Racist Hostile Environment & Shut Down ALL Detention Centres – BRING DOWN TEH GOVERNMENT, STOP BREXIT! (12noon, Windrush Square)

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23/09/18: Demonstrate at Labour Party Conference

Defend Free Movement – Bring Down The Government! (Lunchtime Demo, location TBC)

10/10/18: Lobby & Deputation Lambeth council

Support the campaign to #WidenWindrush (6pm, Lambeth Town Hall)

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20/10/18: MFJ contingent on National March for a Peoples Vote on Brexit

Resist Racism and Xenophobia – Defend and Extend Free Movement of People! (11am, Central London, Location TBC)

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24/11/18: 15th Surround YarlsWood demonstration

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood and ALL Detention Centres! (1pm, outside entrance to Twinwoods Business Park Thurleigh Road, Milton Ernest MK44 1FD)

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