The Governments, Capitalist Corporations & Banks will NEVER stop Global Heating and Environmental Destruction

MARCH! STRIKE! OCCUPY! Our power is on the streets and in our communities, schools, colleges & workplaces.

Build an integrated, world-wide movement of youth, workers, the poor & oppressed, the refugees, students & scientists fighting to win BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


  • Open the Books of ALL Coal, Oil & Natural Gas corporations – Take them over in order to SHUT THEM DOWN
  • NO COMPENSATION FOR THE BOSSES – Use the Corporations’ vast wealth to build a sustainable energy system, support & retrain their workers, and aid the victims of global heating
  • Take the banks into public ownership – Make new investment in fossil fuels a CRIMINAL OFFENCE
  • Take over the Water and Energy Companies in order to protect our Environment and Health
  • Cancel the Debts of Impoverished Countries – Defend Free Movement of People
  • Open the Borders of Britain, Europe and the USA

Defend the  Climate Crisis activists – Free the Climate Crisis prisoners


Last year’s COP26 in Glasgow was an over-sized, two-week political circus. Promises made there have proved as empty as those made at the previous 25 – and all the way back to the 1988 Toronto conference, when governments & corporations took the climate crisis out of the hands of scientists, the 1992 ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro, when they brought in the United Nations as political cover, and the so-called ‘binding’ targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions agreed at the Kyoto conference in 1997. The climate and environmental crises – which are one and the same thing with the same cause – have got worse, and got worse faster with every passing year. 

The  current talk of a ‘last chance’ at COP 27 in Cairo is more empty words, designed to cast an image of ‘seriousness,’ over the latest pantomime. In reality, global society is being prepared for an admission that the 1.5 degree limit on the rise in global average temperatures will be missed. The politicians and corporations will blame the war in Ukraine and  economic problems. They always have something to blame. 

From Toronto to Cairo the world has been subjected to a 44 year experiment to see whether the laws of the capitalist market are stronger than the laws of physics and chemistry, whether capitalism is capable putting human lives before the accumulation of profits, and whether politicians keep their promises. The results are in and they are negative, but the powers-that-be ignore them: they would rather contemplate the end of life on Earth than the end of the system that makes them rich.  

Too many scientists, especially senior scientists, are ignoring the scientific evidence on the behaviour of capitalists and politicians, because they are often too tied to the system to see any alternative.

The alternative is the growing movements for change, not only the movement against the fossil fuel economy, but the movements against poverty & austerity, the movements to defend democracy against the growth of dictatorship & fascism, the still growing strike-wave against falling pay and job cuts, the movement against racism and the detention and deportation of refugees, and the movement of refugees, large numbers of whom are forced to move by the direct & indirect effects of global heating & environmental destruction.

We all know that our struggles and our material interests are closely connected, that we are all fighting the same system; we must now take every opportunity to unite our struggles and demands in action. In reality there are no more ‘single issues.’ In the advanced stage of the climate crisis, only the demands above can prevent a greater disaster, but no government will be willing to implement them. Those measures (and most of the demands of the various struggles) will have to be imposed by the power and independent action of a united movement, fighting to win and fighting to bring down the government, By Any Means Necessary.


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