Diaspora+ Day of Action Calling on Nigerian & Ghanaian Governments to Stop Wednesdays Charter Flight!

Day of Action for Nigerian and Ghanaian Diaspora community and ALL those who want to see an end to charter flights to demand that Nigeria and Ghana withdraw all co-operation with the UK’s mass deportation charter flights – that they intervene to STOP the charter flight to Nigeria & Ghana scheduled for Wednesday 30th May 2018

Tuesday is the last full working day before the Home Office fill a charter flight with Nigerians and Ghanaians. those being removed are shackled by their hands and feet with a restraint belt and two guards for each person. These are women and men, some of whom have lived in the UK since childhood, fathers of British children, grandmothers and partners who have no one left in their country of origin, people who have lived in the UK for 15 years, victims of torture, LGBT people and more. Charter flights inflict a deep injustice on our communities. Deportation targets are put before human beings and many are denied due process, deported while their case is still ongoing. THESE CHARTER FLIGHTS MUST STOP!

In the light of the abuse and deportation of the Windrush Generation it is time for Commonwealth countries to withdraw co-operation with these unjust flights.

Everyone can use Tuesday to call/email/tweet/Instagram/Facebook the High Commissions, newspapers, radio stations,  TV stations, celebrities and politicians to make the call on the Nigerian and Ghanaian governments to withdraw cooperation – if they do this the planes will not fly.

Below are some contacts to get you started, please email us with any other ideas for people/organisations to target and we will add them. Join the Facebook event for ongoing discussion.


Make the point about how Commonwealth citizens of the Windrush Generation have been treated, how many were deported on charter flights? How many Nigerian and Ghanian Students were part of the 50,000 expelled by Theresa May? How many mothers, fathers, grandmothers have been deported on charter flights? How often Britain is returning people who’ve lived their whole lives since childhood in the UK. It has to stop.

(note the numbers below are not direct, you will have to wrangle your way to someone significant – if you find someone or get some important info to share with others, comment on this post!)

High Commissioners Secretariat: Mrs H. Taddy, 0207 839 1244, hc@nigeriahc.org.uk

Head of Political (Commonwealth Affairs): Mrs I. Effiong-Archibongg, 02078391244,


Minister/Head of Immigration: Mr. L.A. Junaid, 0207 353 3776

Immigration Attache: 02078391244

Immigration email: immigrationservices@nigeriahc.org.uk

TWEET: @UKinNigeria

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Nigeria-High-Commission-London-uk…/

Main Line’s:
0207 201 5921
207 201 5900
0207 201 5901

Consular & Welfare: 0207 201 5991
Information Section: 0207 201 5927

UK in Ghana
Twitter – @ukinghana


2. Call Nigerian and Ghanaian radio station call in shows, get your friends and family in Nigeria & Ghana to call in to any radio stations or news channels they know. Especially if you or your family have had experience of charter flight deportations – here’s some to get started, if you know of any more send them to us!


Nigerian raido stations (based in Abuja)

Kiss FM: 09030000899

We FM: 09094999993



BREKETE radio (human rights radio station)



watch this space!

Please add any Nigerian or Ghanaian media contacts you know!

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