To London School Students: The teachers’ strike is your strike!

Students, teachers and ALL striking workers must strike to WIN!

Our power is on the streets!

Build the movement to bring down this dangerous, racist, anti-working class government

All out on Wednesday 1 February

Meeting @11am, Portland Place, W1A 1AA (near Oxford Circus station) marching to Westminster

London, April 2019 – Youth Strike for Climate


School teachers in the National Educational Union (NEU) have voted for strike action by a 90.44% majority and they will start with a strike across England & Wales on 1 February (teachers in Scotland are already striking). The NEU has organised a march in London that day and it is calling on parents & ‘children’ (i.e. school students) to join the demonstration and even invited them to bring their school bands. They will be joined by train drivers & other railway workers, civil servants, some London bus drivers and other groups who are striking on the same day. 

Now is the time for ALL STUDENTS in schools and colleges to come out and move the workers’ struggle forward. It’s time to take militant action and fight to win By Any Means Necessary!

This strike is about saving the education system from the terrible damage the government has caused and the further damage it is planning. We can make it a strike to fight and win QUALITY, PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR ALL, to defend public services across the country, and to bring down this dangerous, racist, anti-working class government.

All the strikes that are happening now are fighting back against the government’s attacks on poor, working class, struggling middle class and immigrant communities, and on young people. We must strike and march together for respect, safe working conditions, fair pay, and a better future. WE MUST STRIKE TO WIN! And this government must go NOW!

The power of youth fighting for a future of hope and equality

Students acting with what Martin Luther King called “The fierce urgency of Now” are a powerful force that can defeat oppressive policies, like racist policing in school. Last year, students at the Peachey Academy in Hackney took over the school and ended the cover-up of the police strip-search, in the school, of a 15-year old black schoolgirl, ‘Child Q’ (which was really a racist sexual assault). And their action led to the headteacher’s removal. Students walked out of City & Islington College and demonstrated against the random stop & search of students – and they forced the managers to end that policy.

The power, ambitions, honesty and energy of a mass integrated youth movement is what scares politicians the most. They are especially afraid of black, Asian, Muslim & immigrant students, because of their own racist policies. That’s the reason for the racist, sexist police in so many London schools.

The power of school & college students on the streets can bring the struggle of workers closer to victory!

We must revive the youthful, energetic struggle of the ‘Fridays for our Future,’ and unite that struggle against the climate crisis with the fight of the teachers, health workers, bus drivers, refuse and street cleansing workers, etc. Students joining the workers’ struggle will inspire everyone involved in the present strikes.

Fight for your rights and respect in schools & colleges

Students have plenty of changes to fight for as part of this strike movement:

  • Police out of schools & colleges – the racist, sexist & corrupt police force has no role in education;
  • Restore free public transport for school & college students;
  • Abolish the loans system that means that if you go to university you leave with a burden of debt that can take decades to pay back;
  • End the hated & pointless SATS system that distorts education for school students;
  • Stop the government’s attempt to impose its backward, racist view of British history onto schools;
  • Demand that your school or college refuses to inform the racist Home Office about the immigration status of students or their families.

We can & must bring down this desperate, divided and dangerous government

We must not make the mistake of over-estimating the strength of the present government. It can’t agree whether to keep their rich friends happy by cutting taxes and shutting down even more public services, or keep taxes high to pay off the government’s debts. Rishi Sunak’s position is not secure.

This is a Brexit government. Brexit was a project of rich people to whip up racism and end the right to free movement, by blaming immigrants for all the poverty in society. The government’s aim was to take away the rights of all working class people and attack their standard of living. It has been a disaster for most people, and however racist the government gets it remains deeply unpopular. The majority of white people are just not as racist as this government wants them to be.

Weak as it is, this government isn’t ready to compromise. It is getting desperate, so it is bringing in a new anti-strike law (the Strikes Bill). This law says that if any workers in education, health, public transport and the fire & rescue services go on strike, the government can order them to work and sack them if they don’t obey. It is trying to make it impossible for public service workers to fight for their rights. It’s the kind of law that a dictator would bring in and it must be stopped.

The trade unions have announced that Wednesday 1st February will be a National Day of Action to stop this law. Your teachers are taking the lead. Their demonstration that day will be the start of the fight to defeat the  Strikes Bill.

MFJ believes that school and college students, together with striking workers, communities fighting racism & stopping immigration raids and refugees crossing the channel, are the active vanguard that can defeat the most dangerous government in modern British history. That will only be possible with your power on the streets.

What you can do

  • Share this flyer and talk with your friends and other students.
  • Form a group in your school or your year group to prepare for the teachers’ strike and demonstration.
  • Get people together to prepare placards or banners.
  • Set a meeting point and arrange travel to the march.
  • Contact Movement Justice to let us know how preparations are going, set up meeting points, discuss the strike & march, or ask for advice.

Movement for Justice BY ANY MEAN NECESSARY


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